• Meet one of our authors ..

    Bárbara Trujillo (PILOT EPISODE)

    Energetic, knowledgeable, and approachable, Bárbara is one of the health and wellness industry’s most popular personalities.

  • Meet one of our entrepreneurs ..

    Albeiro Orozco (PILOT EPISODE)

    One of our entrepreneurs is Albeiro, who started his restaurant business by selling authentic Latino food from door to door.

  • Meet one of our lawyers ..

    William Garces (PILOT EPISODE)

    Leading one of the largest Latino owned law firms in the United States, Will is one of our lawyers who is truly making a difference.


    Meet the Producer

    The Latino Spirit is a project produced by
    The Center for the Advancement of Latino
    Media and Technology. It
 is a television 
    program that brings to all the homes a
    view at the real 
lives of hard-working
    Latinos who are rebuilding our country.


The Latino Spirit

The Latino Spirit is a television series produced for public television. In each .27 minute episode we feature three outstanding day to day individuals. These people are changing the very communities where we live. They are contributing to the advancement of our country, our towns and our neighborhoods. Diversity is the key to the future of our beautiful country and The Latino Spirit will show you why. Take a look at our 5 minute concept video

Concept Video

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