WLIW21 and NJTV have accepted to air six episodes of The Latino Spirit. In a groundbreaking event for Latino television production, Diego F. Maya and The Center for the Advancement of Latino Media and Technology have achieved the difficult...
Six episodes of The Latino Spirit are currently under production to air in regional public television. The Latino Spirit team is thankful for all the support received from various organizations especially from the following individuals...

  • Meet one of our authors ..

    Bárbara Trujillo

    Energetic, knowledgeable, and approachable, Bárbara is one of the health and wellness industry’s most popular Latina personalities nationwide.

  • One of our entrepreneurs..

    Albeiro Orozco

    One of our entrepreneurs is Albeiro, who started his restaurant business by selling authentic Latino food from door to door.

  • Meet one of our lawyers ..

    William Garces

    Leading one of the largest Latino owned law firms in the United States, Will is one of our lawyers who is truly making a difference.

Meet the Producer

The Latino Spirit is produced by Diego F. Maya from The Center for the Advancement of Latino Media and Technology a NJ non-profit corporation currently awaiting 501(c)3 status. This effort started in 2012 as Diego was talking to Will Garces, one of the showcased Latinos of The Latino Spirit. After researching for market acceptance, Diego produced a 5 minute concept video that was presented to a public television in the North East coast. Read about the producer and his background.


Making History

Our struggles are more successful from the individual perspective, as Latino collective success is difficult to attain and be recognized by the rest of the communities, including our own. The Latinos who live in the United States are identified for being tireless workers, happy, gifted people with that push, and possessed with the sentiment of "family unit." Qualities that jointly are converted into an attitude that supports a renovating element to the "American Dream." This is the SPIRIT, this is "The Latino Spirit."

Concept Video


A good idea and hard work is not enough to make it in our country. It takes courage and a true belief in the richness of the experience, culture and heritage found in ourselves. Join us we share with you about everyday Latinos who have made it, how they made it and how you can too in whatever field you may find yourself. The Latino Spirit mail list includes information about future television episodes, news and info about our podcasts.